Domaine Afrique : ouvrages entrés en 2014 #Afrique de l’Est


Ci-après, une sélection d’ouvrages entrés en 2014 sur l’Afrique de l’Est. Bonne lecture!



The Quest for Press Freedom: One Hundred Years of History of the Media in Ethiopia, Reta Meseret Chekol, 2013



Animism of the Nilotics and discourses of Islamic fundamentalism in Sudan, Kuel Maluil Jok, 2010


Sciences sociales

Democratic transition in East Africa, 2011

Nomads in the shadows of empires, by Gufu Oba, 2013

Contesting visibility. Photographic practices on the East African Coast, Behrend, Heike, 2013

Les conflits armés africains dans le système international, Abou-Bakr Abélard Mashimango, 2013

Food and agriculture in Ethiopia, edited by Paul A. Dorosh and Shahidur Rashid, 2012

A history of the Hadiyya in Southern Ethiopia, Ulrich Braukämper, 2012

Le journal de Loceria, Loceria Lopire, 2012

La fanfare du négus, Boris Adjemian, 2013

I say to you, Gabrielle Lynch, 2011

The history and culture of Abakhero people of western Kenya, by Chrispinus Odhiambo Mukhule, 2008

The indigenous games of the people of the coastal region of Kenya, Mwangi Peter Wanderi, 2011

The Akamba, 2012

War and politics in Sudan, Justin Leach, 2012

Shari’a and islamism in Sudan, Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban, 2012

Genocide by attrition, Samuel Totten, 2012

The fate of Sudan, John Young, 2012

“Nihna nâs al-bahar – We are the people of the river.”, edited by Cornelia Kleinitz and Claudia Näser, 2012

Des grottes du Darfour à l’exil, Hissein Idriss Haggar, 2013

Somalia, the new barbary ?, Martin N. Murphy, 2011

Al-Shabaab in Somalia, Stig Jarle Hansen, 2013

Somalia, edited by Brian Hesse, 2011

Tanzania, Andrew Coulson, 2013

Reality check, Yasin Olum,2011

Child to soldier, Opiyo Oloya, 2013


Langues – linguistique

Comprehensive Swahili-English dictionary, Mohamed A. Mohamed, 2011

Histoire de la langue swahili, David P. B. Massamba, 2013

Cushitic and Omotic languages, Catherine Griefenow-Mewis, Rainer M. Voigt (eds.),1996

Somali-English dictionary with English index, R. David Zorc and Madina M. Osman, 1993

Deutsch-Tigrinisches Wörterbuch, Zemicael Tecle, 2012

Das Verbalsystem des Altäthiopischen, Stefan Weninger, 2001

The Misiri legend explored, Kipkoech araap Sambu, 2011

Phonology and morphology of Ekegusii, Jelle Cammenga, 2002



Eastern African popular songs, by Aaron Louis Rosenberg, 2011

Éthiopie, les règles d’un nouveau je, Sylvie Tubiana, 2013



Early East African Writers And Publishers, Bernth Lindfors, 2011

Rethinking eastern african literary and intellectual landscapes, edited by James Ogude, Grace A. Musila and Dina Ligaga, 2012

Liyongo songs, coll. and ed. by the Liyongo Working Group: Gudrun Miehe (ed. coord.) …,2004

William J. F. Syad, William Souny, 2012

African egalitarian values and indigenous genres, Eshete Gemeda, 2012



Lagarde l’Éthiopien, Lukian Prijac, 2012

Djibouti contemporain, sous la direction de Amina Saïd Chiré, 2012

Traversées, histoires et mythes de Djibouti, sous la direction de Amina Saïd Chiré et Biringanine Ndagano, 2011

Massacre at Wekidiba, Habtu (Fr. Athanasius) Ghebre-Ab, 2013

The Battle of Adwa, Raymond Jonas, 2011

Research in Ethiopan studies, edited by Harald Aspen… [et al.], 2010

The Negus, Angelo Del Boca, 2012

Historical dictionary of Ethiopia, David H. Shinn, Thomas P. Ofcansky, 2013

Collision of empires, edited by G. Bruce Strang, 2013

Ethiopie, le choix du fédéralisme ethnique, Marc Fontrier, 2012

Villes et territoires en Ethiopie, Bezunesh Tamru, 2013

Un train en Afrique, textes et photographies, Hugues Fontaine, 2012

L’histoire de l’Éthiopie vue du Tigré… et autres lieux, Michel Perret, 2013

Nos carnets d’Éthiopie, Laurent et Corinne Mérer, 2013

Memorie di una principessa etiope, Martha Nasibù, 2012

Kenya, Daniel Branch, 2011

Managing heritage, making peace, Annie E. Coombes, Lotte Hughes and Karega-Munene, 2013

The post-colonial state and civil war in Sudan, Noah R. Bassil, 2013

The War in Darfur, Anders Hastrup, 2013

Historical dictionary of the Sudan, Robert S. Kramer, Richard A. Lobban, Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban, 2013

Dealing with government in South Sudan, Cherry Leonardi, 2013

The Darfur conflict, 2012

Taifa, James R. Brennan, 2012


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