En direct de Dissertation Reviews #2


Nous vous proposons aujourd’hui un rapide résumé des derniers comptes-rendus et retours d’expérience publiés ces trois dernières semaines sur le site Dissertation Reviews.

Recensions de thèses

  • Europe orientale

Kitty Lam, Shared Space, Varied Lives: Finnish-Russian Interactions in Dacha Country, 1880s-1920s, (Michigan State University, 2013), reviewed by James White (European University Institute)

  • Moyen-Orient

Hasan Karatas, The City as a Historical Actor: The Urbanization and Ottomanization of the Halvetiye Sufi Order by the City of Amasya in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries, (University of  California, Berkeley, 2011), reviewed by Theoharis Stavrides (University of Cyprus)

Robert M. Tappan,Beyond Clerics and Clinics: Islamic Bioethics and Assisted Reproductive Technology in Iran, (University of Virginia, 2012), reviewed by Elham Mireshghi (University of  California, Irvine)

Elizabeth Urban, The Early Islamic Mawali: A Window onto Processes of Identity Construction and Social Change, (University of Chicago, 2012), reviewed by Scott Savran (Virginia Tech)

  • Asie centrale

Jeanne Faux de la Croix, Moral Geographies in Kyrgyzstan: How Pastures, Dams and Holy Sites Matter in Striving for a Good Life, (University of St. Andrews, UK, 2011), reviewed by Till Mostowlansky (University of Bern)

Yulia Uryadova, Banditry, Terrorists, and Revolutionaries: The Breakdown of Civil Authority in the Imperial Fergana Valley, 1905-1914 (University of Arkansas, 2012), reviewed by Megan Leone Musgrave (Indiana University)

  • Asie du Sud

Gil Ben-Herut, Narrating Devotion: Representation and Prescriptions of the Early Kannada Śivabhakti Tradition according to Harihara’s Śivaśaraṇa Ragaḷĕgaḷu (Emory University, 2013), reviewed by Jon Keune (University of Houston)

  • Asie du Sud-est

Reed W. Taylor, A Postcolonial Inquiry of Womens Political Agency in Aceh, Indonesia: Towards a Muslim Feminist Approach, (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2012), reviewed by Marjaana Jauhola (University of Helsinki)

Alexander R. Arifianto, Faith, Moral Authority, and Politics: The Making of Progressive Islam in Indonesia, (Arizona State University, 2012),
reviewed by Jeremy Menchik (Boston University)

Angela Shih Chih Chiu, The Social and Religious World of Northern Thai Buddha Images: Art, Lineage, Power and Place in Lan Na Monastic Chronicles (Tamnan), (School of Oriental and African Studies, 2012), reviewed by Rebecca S. Hall (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Nick W. Cheesman, The Politics of Law and Order in Myanmar, (Australian National University, 2012), reviewed by Dominic J. Nardi, Jr. (University of Michigan)

  • Haute-Asie

Federica Venturi, Creating Sacred Space: The Religious Geography of Sa skya, Tibet’s Medieval Capital, (Indiana University, 2013), reviewed by Brenton Sullivan (University of British Columbia)

  • Asie orientale

Jimin Kim, Representing the Invisible: The American Perceptions of Colonial Korea (1910-1945), (Columbia University, 2011), reviewed by June Hee Kwon (Duke University)

Michael Sakamoto, An Empty Room: Butoh Performance and the Social Body in Crisis, (University of California, Los Angeles, 2012), reviewed by Nanako Nakajima (Saitama University)

Elsa Fan, Opportunistic Infections: The Governance of HIV/AIDS in China, (University of California, Irvine, 2012), reviewed by Robert Lorway (University of Manitoba)

Xiao Liu, Information Fantasies: Culture and Media in the Post-Mao New Era, (University of California, Berkeley, 2013), reviewed by Yu Zhang (Stanford University)

Eleanor Robinson, Nakai Hiromu: Meiji Statesman and Hero of Anglo-Japanese Relations, (Kyoto University, 2012), reviewed by Rustin Gates (Bradley University)

Ling-yu Hung, Pottery Production, Mortuary Practice, and Social Complexity in the Majiayao Culture, NW China (ca. 5300-4000 BP), (Washington University in St. Louis, 2011), reviewed by Andrew Womack (Yale University)

Kristian Petersen, The Great Transformation: Contours of the Sino-Islamic Intellectual Tradition, (University of Washington, 2012), reviewed by Jomo R. Smith (University of California-San Diego)

Gang Liu, The Poetics of Miscellaneousness: The Literary Design of Liu Yiqing’s Qiantang Yishi and the Historiography of the Southern Song, (University of Michigan, 2010), reviewed by Edwin Van Bibber-Orr (Syracuse University)

Olga Fedorenko, Tending to the ‘Flower of Capitalism’: Consuming, Producing and Censoring Advertising in South Korea of the 00s, (University of Toronto, 2012), reviewed by Bonnie Tilland (University of  Washington)

Zhu Qian, The Politics of Everyday Life: Non-Party Leftists in Republican China, 1919-1937, (New York University, 2011), reviewed by Pierre Fuller (University of Manchester)

Hisaaki Wake, The Literature of the Echoing Chamber: Nakagami Kenji and the Theory of the Utsuho, (Stanford University, 2012), reviewed by Yukiko Shigeto (Whitman College)

Retours d’expérience en archives et bibliothèques

  • Asie du Sud

Brian Wilson (University of Chicago), A review of the Historical Archives of Goa (Panaji, Goa)

  • Asie du Sud-est

William B. Noseworthy (University of Wisconsin-Madison), A review of the Center for Khmer Studies Library (Siem Reap, Cambodia)

  • Asie orientale

Gina Russo Tam (Stanford University), A review of the Guangdong Provincial Archives and the Guangzhou Municipal Archives (China)

Victor Seow (Harvard University) and Sakura Christmas (Harvard University), A review of three colonial collections in Japan

Elise Anderson (Indiana University-Bloomington), A review of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Museum (Urumqi, Xinjiang, China)

[Archive Review, Asian Art, China] Vivian Li (University of Michigan), Accessing Primary Documents in China

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